We’re proud producers of hand-crafted, genuine leather footwear. Having been established in 1904 – within the Eddels brand – John Drake boasts years of acquired knowledge and experience in the footwear industry. As a brand, we are rooted in classic tradition and authentic style, advocating for top quality, professional fashion. Our consistent emphasis on comfort, quality and sophistication means that we are a familiar, household brand throughout South Africa.

With 115 years of experience in the shoe crafting industry, we consider ourselves quite the experts, constantly striving to produce refined and fashionable footwear for the men of South Africa. We understand that when it comes to crafting shoes, there’s more to consider than the shape and style. At John Drake we work to ensure maximum comfort and unwavering support, without suffocating your feet or compromising your fashion rep’. And that’s why we’re particular when it comes to our leathers. Not only are our leathers locally sourced and easy to maintain, they’re also breathable, enduring and supple. John Drake shoes are a cut above the rest, so if you’re looking for more than a mere good fit – give us a go.”